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Q: What is the difference between regular polish and gel polish?

A: Regular polish can last up to 2-3 days. Gel polish can last up to 7-14 days. Regular polish is air dried whereas gel polish is dried using a UV light instantly.

The quality of all polishes may be compromised between appointments depending on hand usage. If you use your hands a lot, it is totally normal to chip. If you use your hands a lot, consider dip powder!

Q: What is the difference between dip powder and acrylic powder?

A: Dip powder is a weightless powder. It can help maintain the health and length of your natural nail. For your next dip powder appointment, we will soak the dip powder off with acetone and apply the dip again.

Acrylic powder hardens instantly on the natural nail. It helps maintain the length of your natural nails. For your next acrylic appointment (acrylic fill), we will add more acrylic near the cuticle on the exposed nail.

Q: Are walk-ins welcome?

A: Please call ahead if possible. While we accept walk-ins, we cannot guarantee services immediately.  We highly recommend booking an appointment.

Q: Is there a discount for bringing my own polish?

A: No, there are no discounts. Our nail technicians are still working hard to ensure a beautiful result.

Q: Why do longer nails cost more?

A: They take more time and more product to do.

Q: Why is there an extra charge for removal?

A: For safe removal, it takes time regardless of the product. We want to maintain the health of your nails so you can continue having beautiful nails!

Q: Is everyone licensed?

A: Absolutely. Every nail technician is required to pass the state exam and obtain their license.

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